A radiant shadow.

Have you ever seen a radiant shadow?
Or dark light.
Something that’s black
As darkness itself,
Yet, still is white.

Have you ever picked a rose,
The most decent of flowers
And it smelled not sweet
But only sour?

I have. A paradox.
Yes, a living breathing paradox!
That’s what she is!
A gentle a caress
But a force not to be reckoned with.

She walked out with loss
After every battle she had won.
You see, she was war.
But she was a peaceful one.

In her eyes bursted chaos
Chaos that was silent
And her voice spoke soft
Yet screamt so violent.

And I, well I loved her
With all her madness
Through all her laughter
And all her sadness.

My brightest sun
Hid in her storm
And in her coldness
I felt warm.

She was my freedom
But she kept me in a prison
And now, I know she reads
But does she listen?